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January 12th 2022

Message from Mrs Yaharr Jallow
The Staff, Pupils and Parents of Agi Awa Bah Nursery School are appealing for help to rehabilitate their three classroom block which is badly damaged due to the storms. The estimated cost of repairs is almost D60000 Below are photos ˛f the damage and a breakdown of the cost of materials,transportation and labour.Please help us help these poor children to have a conducive learning environment.Your contributi˛n will make a difference in the life of these children and even those to come.
Thank you and God bless.

Estimated Cost Of Rehabilitation Of Three Classrooms
* 5 pkts of corrugated iron sheets @D4500 each. =D22500
* 50 pieces of timber @D400 each = D20000.
* 8 pkts of cap nails @ D300 each= D2400,
* 4 kilos of 4" nails @ D125 = D500.
* 4 kilos of 3" nails = D500.
* 7 pieces of face board @ D350 each D2100.
* Transportation cost D1500.
* Labour D8000.

* Total estimated cost D57500.

[At the exchange rate on 12/01/2022 - 1 GBP = 72.5 GMD]
damage 1 damage 2 damage 3
May God the Almighty make it easy for us

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